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Votage - It's Local Erection Day!

Here in the UK, it's time for the local elections. I got two sets of ballots - one for the truly local crowd, and one for the Welsh Assembly.

Hilariously, the Conservative Party's candidate is based in Llandudno. This is for a Wrexham constituency seat. I don't think they're expecting many votes. Well, actually I hope they're after a huge number of votes, and they get bitterly disappointed.

Or maybe I'll be disappointed if they romped it. I dunno.

So anyway ... I voted. After all, this is what all your taxes are meant to pay for.

Ukarians - pay attention. If you registered and got your ballot forms, now is the time for you to go and cast that vital vote. If nothing else, this is one time you can do something to really contribute to society.

Be a citizen. Not a civilian. Vote.
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