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I often like to post something about something, rather than merely to report some personal experience. After all, a diary is as much about recording one's philosophy as about reportage.

I feel that last week's Eastercon in Chester was like a watershed for me. This time last week, I was ensconced in the Crowne Plaza hotel, enjoying a bit of a sub in the company of an old friend of mine, one Rodney Milton. For some reason, poor old Rodders always feels a little nervous around me, as if I was going to pick him to bits if he got a fact wrong. If he only knew I only wanted his company, rather than have to eat alone.

Anyway, this week the weather has been nothing short of wonderful, all week long. The weekend just gone was the watershed I mentioned above; it is now Spring, with Beltane and Summer just around the corner.

I can't have imagined a nicer start to the warm weather than the one I had last weekend.

And now, no conventions sadly, but the weather's even better outside and to my amazement, my f'list doubled overnight. I've been riding along on a high all week long. And now, here comes another weekend, and I feel like a little patrol somewhere. Manchester or Liverpool, maybe, or even back to Chester, one week on.

I know, I've gone back to reportage of events; but I felt the need to post this, to give you peeps an insight into my little life.

Within the range of my tiny budget, I do a lot of wandering, and in my patrols I bump into one hell of a lot of people.

I can only imagine what my life would be like, the range of my patrols, the people I'd know on a first name basis, if I were loaded.
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