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Eastercon Post - Con Tasks: Just One Thing ...

I swore that, despite my having no funding during the last day of Eastercon to buy the following book, that I'd not forget it, and that in partial recompense for my inability to buy it back then, I would freely and happily promote it now.

Everyone who went to Eastercon will have remembered the Famous Shifting Topic, that caused the George Hay Spinoff lecture to be swapped with the "Glorifying Terrorism" panel discussion.

Well, Farah Mendlesohn has published a book, Glorifying Terrorism, available to buy through Paypal.

Everyone who's not been to Eastercon, but who's reading this on either of my blogs, please consider (a) buying it; (b) going to your local bookstore and ordering it with the ISBN number.

All the details, including where to send cheques if you want to pay by snailmail, are there behind this link. As soon as I get my budget back up and running again at ahealthy level, I promise I'm going to get the book, too, if only because

(a) books on "damned" topics are a special joy;

(b) I aim to wander through the public library, past a school, past my local police station, and in front of the local government's City Hall and, publicly, open up the book and read it in plain view of them all.

And have photos taken of the whole thing.
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