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Eastercon: Post - Con Reports etc

I shot the last frame of a single use camera today, just random shots of where I live. The weather looked good, so I thought: why not?

That camera contained photos of some of the scenery in and around Chester, so hopefully if they come out, I ought to be able to upload them onto Flickr and, thence, post the images somewhere here. Photos taken from within the con are in another camera, and I will finish that one off as well, pretty soon. :)

Meanwhile, my reports on the programme items, as well as feedback regards Eastercon, are still being drawn up. These include the Flash Fiction item, "Misology: A Hatred of Logic XOR Reason".

It's all go, and it wasn't helped by the inspired idea I'd had to create the fiat_knox_com community blog, not to mention the resumption of my work on The Fourth Rewrite of my novel.

Just bear with me. You'll see stuff here soon enough. :)
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